Aintree Grand National Sweepstake Guide

One way that thousands of people get involved with the Grand National is through a sweepstake with office blocks and work places across the country putting a sweepstake in place. It is a fantastic way of becoming interested in the Grand National without having to put too much effort when picking your horse, no event outside of the Grand National attracts so much involvement from the whole country and one of the reasons why is the sweepstake system.

Latest 2013 Aintree Grand National Win Odds

Sweepstake kits are often provided by National newspapers which is why they have become so accessible in recent years, each of the 40 runners in the Grand National are cut out of the paper or written down and placed in a bag. Any one anting to enter the Sweepstake will need to pay the agreed stake which is usually �1, they then get to pick one horse at random from the bag and that will be the one they will be cheering on at Aintree. When everyone has picked their horse they are all written down, the owner of the ticket of the winning horse then collecting the full prize pot.

It is a fantastic way to introduce people to the race that would not normally be interested, more often than not is seems to be the person that is least interested in the race that is the one who is collecting the money on Monday morning at work. The sweepstake is ideal for the Grand National and can be used between friends and family as well as at work, it is a great way to create a bit of banter at work with some friendly rivalry always healthy. It works so well because of course no matter who you are you have just as much chance of winning as the next guy, knowledge of the sport or race is next to useless in a Grand National Sweepstake but it does bring in new fans to racing which can only be a good thing.

Suggested Grand National Sweepstake Prize Breakdown

Check Out This Years Sweepstakes Kit

Those looking for a Sweepstakes Kit for your office or social club, just click on this link and it will open up a kit that you can print off and use for your draw.