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How To Pick A Grand National Winner - Star Signs

A great way to pick a Grand National winner is to follow those horses with the same star sign as you, it is a simple and fun way to follow the race and gives a personal interest in the horse. All the horses and their star signs will be featured for Grand National punters to follow, anyone wanting to go even futher than that can check the Grand Grand National Date Of Births to see if their is a horse that matches the their exact birthday.

Latest Outright Grand National 2011 Odds

Following a specific star sign coudl well bring a winner, if you know your Horoscopes you will know which horses will have the best charachter to succeed in a tough and competitive race such as this one. It is interesting to note that the most recent winner of the race Dont Push is a Gemini, he will be back in 2011 aiming to defend that crown and it will be interesting to see how he will fare this year.

It is well worth noting that most horses are bred to be born at the start of the year to give them as long as possible to grow and compete against horses of the same age, with that in mind many of the horses will be Aries, Pisces and Capricorn and other star signs that are early on in the year.

Grand National 2011 Runners Star Signs