How To Pick A Grand National Winner 2013 - Lucky Numbers

One of the most straight forward and fun ways to have a bet on the 2013 Grand National is to follow your lucky numbers, everyone has a number that has always served them well so why not stay with it here with the aim of winning a little bit of money. All the horses in the field are numbered from 1 to 40 so just check which horse is against your lucky number and there is your horse, hopefully the faithful old number will bring you luck just one more time.

It is worth noting that numbers are allocated based on the weights the horses are given, with No.1 the horse carrying the top weight and number 40 carrying the lightest Grand National Weight. Incidentally the winner from 2010 was Dont Push It and he was number 6 on the card, that shows he was not the top weight but was one of the ones carrying a fair bit on his back, this indicates that he has run to a high standard in the past and could have the class needed to win.

Possible Numbers To Follow

With the advent of the National Lottery in the UK over the last 15 years, millions of people love to have a play on a Saturday night with their favourite numbers. The same principle can be transferred to the Grand National, if you have the same six numbers on a Saturday night for the lottery then why not use those numbers here on the Grand National. people get very attached to their lottery numbers so it the same can be applied here the National, if you do not play the Lottery then why not try it with your phone number which of course is the same principle.

Outside of the lottery numbers, there are a number of other numbers that can be used to pick a Grand National horse, one of these is to follow the date the you were born and pick the corresponding horse from the list. Wedding Anniversaries are always popular when it comes to using lucky numbers, many will use the date to bring them luck in the race while there may also be one or two who will avoid the date for the opposite reasons!

Grand National 2013 Numbers

Awaiting Numbers