Grand National Betting 2013

Betting on the Grand National is somewhat of a National tradition with office blocks and families parting with a few pound in the hope of getting lucky, these casual punters join the more informed out there who like to have a bet on the horses on a more regular basis. The Grand National is one of the toughest races of the year to have a bet on regardless of your knowledge of the sport, this is one of the reasons why it is so popular with the more casual punters with so many of the field in with a genuine chance of winning.

Latest 2013 Grand National Odds

There are several different ways for punters to have a bet on the Grand National, with such a large field it is a bit of a lottery but of course the top main bets are the win bet and the each/way bet which is also a popular bet for casual punters of the Grand National. Outside of checking the form for each of the horses there are also some more interesting ways that people like to pick their horses for the Grand National, some bets are placed based on the name of the horse, while others are simply based on the name of the horse.

Win Bet

The most obvious and straightforward bet for the Grand National is the outright win bet, this means that punters simply need to pick the horse they believe will win the Grand National. The only way this bet will win is if your selection goes onto win the race at Aintree, any other position from second to falling at the first will mean that the bet is lost.

Punters will be able to study the Grand National Racecard thoroughly before making a bet, all the form will be ont he card as well as the colours and names for the more casual National punter.

Each/Way Bet

The Each/Way bet is particularly popular for the Grand National with such a big field at Aintree for the big race, this does give the punter more chances of collecting some money but does limit the potential winnings. An each/way bet will see the punter collect some winnings if the horse finishes in the first four at Aintree, the winnings are reduced from 1st down to 4th but it can prove a sensible bet in the lottery of the Grand National.